RV Parking Area

RV padsWhen we began planning for our Development Program, we recognized the limitations of our septic system, particularly the one that serves the West Restroom and RV parking area. We also felt that the most logical location for our ADA Multiplex Cabins was in the area directly north of the RV parking area and that the RV septic system was the most logical one to use for the ADA Cabin bathrooms. Therefore, we initiated conversation with the Skagit County Planning and Building Department to see if it was feasible to add the ADA cabins to the system providing we reduce the number of RV sites. We received favorable response and began our planning.

ariel viewThe RV park was built at a time when trailers were only allowed to be 7 feet wide and they were fairly short with no slide-outs, etc. 36 sites were built with concrete wheel pads to fit the narrow trailers. Then the RVs grew to be 8 feet wide with slide outs, much longer lengths. etc. It became impractical to be able to park more than one unit in two sites, however, the parking wheel pads made it almost impossible to level the RV.

Our planning for the RV parking area began to grow into a concept that would completely refurbish the RV site to provide 20, 30 and 50 amp electrical service, level sites approximately 20 feet wide and 30 to 40 feet long, terraced between each site to allow flat surfaces to park on and to get out of the RVs and walk around on. The wheel pads were going to be removed and the grass was going to be replaced with a fabric mat between the sub soil and the heavy gravel and crushed rock top coating. Maintenance would be improved by eliminating the need to mow in the RV area. All the services were going to be replaced and the water pipes, which need to be drained every winter, were going to be equipped with frost free faucets.

Lake FreestadUnfortunately, when the design of the RV parking area was complete and submitted for bids the price of this ultimate design was very expensive (approximately $225,000). We recognized that the RV parking area change is not the primary focus of our Phase One Development Program. Rather, we set out to provide facilities to better serve our elderly, handicapped, families with infant children and to improve our Restroom facilities. Therefore, the Board of Directors decided that we needed to reduce the scope of the RV parking area changes so we could meet the County requirements, get back to within our budget and save money on this project to enable our achieving changes needed to better meet our primary goals.

In summary the changes made to the RV parking area are as follows:

  1. Removed the existing wheel pads.
  2. Retained the existing 20 amp electrical service and the service standards (total of 18) containing electrical outlets, water shutoffs, and septic line receptacles.
  3. Graded the area between each service standard to level the parking portion of the site and round the southern edge of the site to step down to the next site level.
  4. Improved the road immediately north of the RV parking area to widen it and stabilize it to support parking for the ADA Cabins and to serve as an egress for the RV's.
  5. The road to the dining hall has been widened to 20 feet to satisfy Skagit County requirements for support of emergency vehicle ingress and egress. Approval of the ADA Cabins required us to widen this road. The new portion of the road is constructed using the geotextile fabric, heavy rock and finally a crushed gravel topping. A storm drain line has been installed adjacent to this added road.
  6. An underground electric wire installation has been provided from the power distribution building near the West Restroom to the new ADA Cabins.
  7. The Contractor has installed a Reduced Pressure Backflow Assembly (RPBA) (Samish Farms Water Association requirement) which will preclude catastrophic failures on the campground from contaminating water in the households on the south side of Scott Road.
  8. Graded the area where the ADA Cabins are being built.

The contract price for the reduced scope project is approximately $64,000. A contract to do this project was signed on Sept. 1, 2006 and the work has been completed.

The reduced scope of work has been done under the Grading Permit for the total job. If we decide to complete the full scope job within the next 3 years, we can do so without having to go through the permit process again.

Construction Photos


new cabin design
ADA Accessible cabins with Bathrooms.

Romtec Bathroom
Bathhouses to replace Brown and Green Restrooms.

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