Why Pledge?
We are asking you, our members and contributors, to consider making a pledge to Camp Samish so that we might be able to predict our fund raising, and better plan phasing for our construction projects. Projects are built as funds become available. If we know when money will be available, we can schedule our construction projects more efficiently. The longer we wait to build, the more expensive the projects become.

click for pledge formClick image at left to download a pledge/Commitment Form to record your donation commitment to the Samish Campground Development Program.

It may be helpful for you to use the chart on the Tithing Envelope page to decide what your donation commitment will be to the Samish Campground Development Program.

You may use a Stock Donation to the Development Program. The stock is donated at the current appreciated value with no capital gains tax due to the IRS on the increased value of the stock. The full current value of the stock is used to reduce your adjusted gross income on your tax return - thus reducing the income tax you pay for the year of the donation. (Stock donations are limited to 50% of adjusted gross income - any amount over 50% is carried over to the next tax year)

The advantage for you is that you can give more then if you make a cash donation plus the tax write off.

You can also plan to include the Samish Campground in your estate planning.

For more information contact Terry Smiley Phone: (360) 854-0988 or e-mail:


new cabin design
ADA Accessible cabins with Bathrooms.

Romtec Bathroom
Bathhouses to replace Brown and Green Restrooms.

RV plan
Improved RV pads with Sewer and Electrical hook-ups.

4 Ways to Donate!
  • Donate Equipment
  • Donate with Tithing Envelope
  • Donate with a Pledge
  • Donate On-line

  • Phase 1 goal $1,200,000
    Fund Raising Status