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April 7 , 2008   More photos

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Interiors are being painted, doors hung, and trim put in it's place. East Restrooms, (green), are getting new tile, sinks and partitions. Insulation is being added to the Dormitory cabins too!

Feb. 20 , 2008   More photos
  pantry  walk-in cooler door 

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More progress is being made on the cabins. Siding is going on, windows are in. Also, work on the dining hall kitchen has improved the functionality of the space.

Jan. 29 , 2008   Snow snow snow.
Mens side  Womens side  waiting for a stall 

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The roof is on, just in time. Also, the Green or East Restrooms are gutted, awaiting further improvements.

Jan. 21 , 2008   Roof sheathing installed.

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Jan. 16 , 2008   Roof Trusses Arrive

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Roof Trusses are here.

Jan. 9 , 2008   More Progress

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Interiors walls framed, now bring on the trusses.

Jan. 2 , 2008   Happy New Year!!

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Concrete slabs are done, now it's time for some walls.

Nov. 19 , 2007   Here we go again!!

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Formwork for the concrete slab begins.

Nov. 12 , 2007   Here we go again!!

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Construction began today on the 2nd set of Multiplex Cabins at Samish Campground. Eric expects the foundation forms will be going in this week. Today was a typical day for Eric and Taylor to be working at Samish. We had high winds and rain most of the day.

October 22 , 2007   Samish History Project

Samish History Project Movie Trailer

The Samish History Project. What is it? A collection of photos and memories of Samish Island Campground. Over the next 6-8 months, we will be digitizing photographs, interviewing people, and collecting memories on video tape to create a documentary type DVD about the Samish Island Campground. The DVD will be about 45-60 minutes in length with photographs of Samish Island Campground past and present. The DVD will be made available for fundraising purposes. If you have a story to tell, or a photo to share, please contact your congregational Samish Representative or

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3D Master Plan


new cabin design
ADA Accessible cabins with Bathrooms.

Romtec Bathroom
Bathhouses to replace Brown and Green Restrooms.

RV plan
Improved RV pads with Sewer and Electrical hook-ups.

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