ADA Accessible Cabins

cabinThe ADA Accessible Cabins began as an idea a few years ago as recognition of a problem with the lodging facilities not accommodating those with restricted mobility or issues in regards to aging. Each cabin is designed as a duplex, with two sleeping rooms sharing a toilet and shower per side.

planEach sleeping room has it's own sink and heating controls. All toilet and shower rooms are fully handicapped accessible. Each sleeping room has an exterior door, with a covered porch. Where two cabins share a roof, the covered area becomes a place to gather, providing shade from the sun, or shelter from the rain.

click for phasingThe first phase of the project is to build two cabins, starting in 2006, and two more cabins starting in 2007. Future cabins will be constructed on an need basis, with a total build out of 7 new cabins. It is critical we continue to raise money for the construction, so we can keep on schedule for the next set of cabins.

isometric view
The cabins will have laminated wood flooring in the sleeping rooms, and a stained concrete finish in the shower and toilet areas. Interior walls will be a simple painted wood panel with wood battens. Windows will be numerous and of a single-hung style to allow plenty of natural light and ventilation. Each cabin will also be equipped with fire sprinklers.

For an animation of the cabin, click here.

Construction Photos


Romtec Bathroom
Bathhouses to replace Brown and Green Restrooms.

RV plan
Improved RV pads with Sewer and Electrical hook-ups.

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